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COMPACT tobacco dispenser for DINO – case study

Perfecta and DINO Polska S.A. are linked by a history of successful cooperation spanning several years. Since 2019, we have delivered more than 1,800 COMPACT dispensers to this fastest-growing retail chain in Poland. These dispensers, installed in the checkout area, are used for efficient customer service in the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products. 

During order processing, we carry out surveys to determine the level of customer satisfaction. This allows us to know whether our cooperation is at the right level. The history of Perfecta’s relationship with DINO is a notable example of the successful implementation of our shop furniture systems, which meet both legal requirements and customer expectations of quality and functionality. 

In this study, we follow the process that led this important project to success.

podajnik na papierosy compact cigarette dispenser

Customer needs survey

First of all, it is worth noting that the DINO chain was already using overhead dispensers from another supplier. The managers of this chain were aware of all the advantages of selling tobacco products in the checkout area. They were also familiar with the legal environment related to cigarette sales in Poland. They also had clear expectations regarding the functionality and build quality of the fixtures.

Perfecta, as an experienced supplier of furniture for cigarette sales, has an extensive portfolio of ready-made solutions in this category. An important point in the realisation of this project was therefore to clearly define the customer’s expectations and select the optimum solution.

It was agreed that two technical parameters would be key, i.e. the maximum capacity of the cigarette dispenser while maintaining compact dimensions. The checkout area is a space-constrained area, and the ergonomics of the supermarket cashier are important in terms of customer service in the shop. Therefore, the size and dimensions of the dispenser could not negatively affect the convenience and speed of service. In addition, the customer strongly considered the quality and durability of the dispenser. It was important to be able to use the solution in the long term. With this, the customer intended to achieve a better return on investment.

Suggested solutions

The Perfecta Retail range includes more than 40 models of cigarette dispensers. This time, we selected the COMPACT system, a 5×12 SKU model, because of its large capacity while maintaining optimum dimensions. The COMPACT dispenser in this version can store up to 720 packs of cigarettes. We therefore made maximum use of the available space within the checkout booth.

In addition to the needs identified by the customer, we were able to draw attention to the preparation of furniture for the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products for the anticipated change in the law that is taking place in more European Union countries, the so-called Retail Display Ban. 

We convinced the client that it was worth investing in a dispenser equipped with flaps (instead of a roller shutter), which allow the dispenser to be opened and closed each time before and after the transaction. In this way, the products can be covered as required by the RDB restrictions, while still being perfectly accessible within one hand movement.

podajnik tytoniowy compact tobacco dispenser

Flaps are much more efficient than the roller shutter used by the customer to date, due to the short opening time resulting from their design. Although Polish law does not yet require products to be covered up at this point, as is the case, for example, in the UK, the use of flaps offers the possibility of quickly closing the dispenser when an employee is absent from the checkout booth. This happens quite often, for example when a product in the alcohol category needs to be served to a customer. Thanks to the use of flaps, the cigarette dispenser closes in about a second, which, compared to the roller shutter used previously, is an incomparably better result. It should also not be overlooked that roller shutters are not designed to open and close frequently, with the result that they can wear out and fail more quickly in heavy traffic.

podajnik tytoniowy cigarette dispenser

An additional feature that makes a significant contribution to efficiency, convenience and quality of service is the use of a pull-out shelf. Firstly, it makes stocking and inventory easier: when you pull out the shelf, you can immediately see which products are missing. The pull-out shelf also increases the accessibility of the products, especially those placed at the very top of the dispenser. With the pull-out shelf, even from a seated position, the products can be reached.


During implementation, we made a number of minor design and functional changes to the dispenser to match the customer’s expectations.

We adjusted the number of shelves to the expected capacity of the dispenser, so that all available space in the checkout booth could be used optimally. We also adapted the dimensions of the frames and pockets that hold sales information, price lists and marketing communications to comply with the customer’s standard.

The cigarette dispenser has an adapted mounting system so that it works well in current locations where old dispensers have been replaced and in new locations to meet safety and ergonomic operating standards.

podajnik tytoniowy tobacco dispenser

During the project, more than a dozen 3D conceptual visualisations were created, based on which the client could verify our proposed solutions. In the next stage, 4 prototypes were created, which the client could field-test in their shops.

meble sklepowe tobacco dispenser

Once the final solution was accepted, we proceeded to the production phase. Technical documentation, detailed 3D models and lists of modules, components and material lists were created. The machine park received a set of programmes for material processing. Appropriate procedures and workstations were prepared in the assembly hall. The quality control department ensured that the product complied with the specifications at every stage. Thanks to such precise preparations, we can be sure that each dispenser manufactured in our plant meets customer expectations and quality standards assumed in the project.

Following the successful implementation of the first production batches, we carried out a field satisfaction survey, which showed that shop staff rated the new dispensers very high. 95% of respondents felt that the cigarette dispenser had improved their working comfort and 90% rated it as contributing to faster service.


From the survey, we know that the project has met the customer’s expectations at both the management and the shop level. The right solution met the client’s current needs and prepared them for the expected changes in the law regarding restrictions on tobacco sales. A thoughtful approach to the shop furniture investment has resulted in readiness for change, so that the customer will not have to bear the costs when these changes occur.

 Above all,  we are delighted with the high scores of the staff who service the dispenser and the chain’s customers on a daily basis. Below are the key results:

compact cigarette dispenser benefits

In addition to the evaluation, we asked network staff for comments and feedback. Here are some of them:

“Dispensers very convenient, easy to stock, nice appearance.”

“Cigarette dispenser well thought out, capacious, with very good locking.”

“Convenient, easy to use, looks nice.”

“The dispenser is much better than the ones that have been before. There is much better access to the cigarettes, it holds more, and it looks more elegant.”

As a result of the project carried out, our product has been brought as standard to the chain and has been in continuous production since 2020. The example of Perfecta’s cooperation with DINO shows that a customer who is aware of her needs and who carries out a project with an experienced supplier has a good chance of achieving exceptional results. We would like to thank you for your cooperation to date and wish you many years of effective use of our products. The COMPACT dispenser for cigarettes is the ideal solution for many retail environments.

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