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perfect.ONE advantage

perfect.ONE is a tobacco furniture, a system of cigarette retail fixtures organized in modules. Their essential function is to sell cigarettes, tobacco, and alternative products (e-cigarettes, RRP, vapo) located behind the salesperson.

Key values


Adapt perfect.One to your needs thanks to modular structure and customization.

Sales Growth

Increase your revenues though brand promotion and exposure.

Market Proven Solution

Field tested on many markets.

A tobacco furniture that satisfies your needs

Limited or extra space?

The modular concept of the cigarette cabinet will deal with what your shop currently needs.

Bigger or smaller backwall?

You decide on the number of modules your shop currrently needs. Perfect.ONE shopping fixtures come in a variety of sizes.

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Brand promotion and exposure

perfect.ONE is not just another tobacco furniture.

perfect.ONE is a unique way of building brand awareness. Its multiple marketing functionalities adjust perfectly to the current advertising campaign.

Do you need to launch a new campaign? No problem, just replace the old graphics with brand new ones.

How to gain greater visibility of your product in the shop? Bring your brand into the spotlight and illuminate your products effectively with LED technology. Additionally, exchange marketing posters as often as you need. The buyer will notice your brand the moment he enters the shop. Category management has never been this easy.

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A shelf that drives sales

We've worked hard to bring to you one of the most technically advanced retail shelvings available on the market. The perfect.One store shelf is designed to boost sales in a short time. All you need to do is use it creatively, just like we had designed it.

Regulate the shelf height

We're precise when it comes to numbers in shop-fitting constructions. 12,5 mm is a magical number to remember - that's the gap between perforations that allows you to adapt the shelf height to the size of the product. Don't waste any backwall space anymore.

Pull out the shelf

Customers flow in and out of the shop while the shop assistant needs to restock the shelf? They'll do it in no time thanks to the pull-out shelf that enhances the sales process.

Let the pushers keep order

The shop assistants need solutions that make their work easier. Pushers do the job by pushing the product forward. Restocking and counting the product becomes simple and fast. Their role is to facilitate sales and keep the shelves perfectly ordered.

Illuminate your brand

Illuminated products make the brand look great. Shed more light on the products you want to distinguish.

What makes the rack structure so solid?

  • Steel, modular structure.
  • Steel support profiles with a dense perforation located every 12,5 mm help you fit the shelves and accessories to the products and run ad campaigns.
  • Storage box that keeps stock at hand, choose a bigger or smaller one with a flap closing or a pull-out drawer (optional unit).

Why choose steel?

Steel is easily recycled and recovered. This makes the steel perfect.ONE tobacco merchandising solution environmentally friendly. Additionally, its durability makes it last for many years. And its modular construction gives you multiple options for use. These aspects will make you want to keep it and not throw it away or exchange it often. That’s how we want to promote ecological awareness in retail furniture manufacturing.

Reach out to our experts

We designed and produced our first tobacco fixtures in 1995. Throughout the years, we have become experts in the field of retail furniture manufacturing and we would like to share our expertise with you. Contact us to get expert advice tailored to your needs.
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Marketing tools

We know that a simple tobacco rack with shelves is not enough. That’s why the perforations in the backwall can be equipped with a variety of marketing tools that navigate the customer’s attention. To ease the shop assistant’s work, the same perforations can be equipped with functionalities that help with category management.

Technical advancement and a myriad of marketing accessories turn a regular tobacco display into a perfect.ONE that sells and promotes the brand efficiently in retail chain stores.

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Light is what makes your brand shine. That's why we designed a variety of illumination possibilities in the backwall. One of the valuable roles of illumination is to separate categories on the rack. To do that mount the smartly designed light box in the perforations between the shelves. Now you can easily manage several categories on one tobacco display rack as the light box has exchangeable posters. You can also use it to promote one chosen brand as well.

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LED strip

Turn on the LED strip under the products on the front of the shelf to promote your brand. The magnetic power connector makes it easy to plug it into the power strip anywhere you want.

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LCD header

The header is like a crown - one of the most crucial elements at the top of the rack. In the form of an LCD screen, it is also one of the most effective marketing tools. It ensures the visibility of your brand from every corner of the shop.

LCD Panel

Use a dedicated holder to mount an LCD screen to the rack perforation. You can adjust the angle of the screen accordingly. Here you can install devices that will present your brand to the customers

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Light tag

You can be sure that the customer will check the price before purchasing. That's why we illuminated the price tags as well. The light tag is a price tag holder that can be easily fitted to the front of the shelf with a hook. Apart from the price, any additional advertising content becomes more visible.

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Light frame

is a frame that lights up your poster. Use the rear hook to hang it freely on the shelf. The magnetic connecter powered by electricity allows you to connect the frame with the power strip anywhere you want.

tobacoo shelf

is a dedicated area for product promotion. It's easily fitted to the rack perforations where it takes up the space of two shelves. It has a built-in product display with a place for the price strip of its own.

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perfect.ONE is an advanced retail display system that adapts precisely to your needs. Contact us! We will tell you what's the optimal configuration that works for you.
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Delivery and assembly

With just one tool and 15 spare minutes, you can assemble the perfect.ONE tobacco shelves in a flash. Watch the video to see how simple the perfect.ONE installation is.

Let us know how to deliver your tobacco backwall – as a whole or in parts. You can assemble it yourself or get it all ready to work in one piece.

Examples of our projects with tobacco furniture perfect.ONE

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