Modernising Sales with new Tobacco Gantry Design: Kolporter’s Growth Strategy

In the retail space, perception is just as essential as the products themselves. For a chain as prominent as Kolporter Sp. z o.o., a strategic shift in tobacco gantry design is not simply about aesthetics; it’s about asserting influence over consumer buying habits. This case study delves into the strategic move of Kolporter, Poland’s largest press distributor, towards a more sophisticated product presentation in an increasingly competitive retail market.

Let’s dissect how the implementation of a more advanced, versatile tobacco backwall design impacted not only the visual appeal of the stores but the overall sales and customer experience – a testament to the dynamic nature of retail strategy and what it takes to lead the pack in a rapidly evolving industry.

Case study overview: Kolporter’s quest for tobacco sales modernisation

Salonik Kolporter

A beacon within Poland’s retail landscape, Kolporter is renowned for its flagship ‘Saloniki Kolporter‘ chain, offering a wide array of periodicals and a thriving tobacco product line. To enhance the customer experience, Kolporter aimed to redefine its approach to tobacco product display – a vision that extended beyond a simple shelf refit.

The solution sought was a pivot from conventional steel shelves to an avant-garde tobacco backwall within its flagship stores. This new design not only aspired to be more visually engaging but also demanded digital integration via the digital signage feature. The case had been set for a bespoke design that could adapt and yet maintain a consistent presentation across the whole tobacco and vape brand catalogue.

The strategic objectives: beyond the visual

Salonik Kolporter before the tobacco backwall modernisation

The principal goals laid out by Kolporter Sp. z o.o. were multi-faceted. They wanted a shelf system that could work well with their different brands, switch easily between different types of products, and be adjusted easily when needed. One of their main aims was to create a nice-looking tobacco display that would improve the customer experience and effectively showcase available tobacco and vape brands.

The need was explicit; the solution had to be an intelligent fusion of form and function, marrying visual appeal with practical utility, in essence – a modular tobacco shelving that could keep up with Kolporter’s demanding pace of business.

Crafting the strategy: a symphony of tactics

Designing a tobacco shelving system that met Kolporter’s exacting requirements demanded a comprehensive strategy. Perfecta, the chosen tobacco furniture design and manufacturing partner, embarked on a meticulous process that began with understanding the client’s business goals and the brand’s ethos. An intense period of research and development was initiated, where the detailed specifications of the new tobacco backwall were determined in consultation with Kolporter.

Previously, individual brands had autonomy in setting up their own retail displays, leading to a fragmented and inconsistent customer experience. Kolporter aimed to change this by implementing a standardised approach to tobacco point-of-sale (POS) displays, ensuring a uniform, visually appealing, and efficient layout across all of their locations. In addition, they sought a flexible solution that could quickly adapt to changes in product lines and promotional activities.

The new tobacco backwall design would include illuminated backwall’s frames and shelves, LED-backlit graphic frames and dynamic digital interfaces, transforming the static shelving rack into an engaging product narrative platform. Training and education programs were also embedded into the product rollout to ensure Kolporter’s staff could leverage the flexibility and power of the new design effectively.

The implementation challenge: from tobacco backwall concept to reality

Achieving Kolporter’s vision was no easy feat. The implementation required a synergy of approaches – from engineering meticulously to capitalising on the latest technological advancements.

The first step was to move away from the traditional steel shelving units that were previously used. Instead, Perfecta’s team introduced a more contemporary and attractive tobacco backwall design solution: illuminated, easily adjustable shelves with push-feed systems. They also incorporated dedicated spaces for special product promotions, known as “promoboxes”.

The design allowed for a cohesive brand experience with a visually striking presentation that brought a fresh, modern feel to the tobacco category. Digital signage was an innovative addition that not only facilitated dynamic content but also served as an educational tool for customers. The flexible shelving system offered the much-needed adaptability, enabling seamless transitions with new product launches and seasonal changes. To maintain the integrity of the display, each brand was required to adhere to a predefined space and adjust their merchandise presentation to contribute to the overall aesthetic of the curated space.

New Tobacco Backwall prototyping and manufacturing

Prototype of the new tobacco backwall during installation

Prototyping played a fundamental role, providing Kolporter with tangible insights into new tobacco gantry’s potential and allowing for iterative improvements.

The collaboration between Kolporter and Perfecta’s design team began with in-depth consultations at a retail trade show in Warsaw, where the initial concepts were discussed and honed. The design and prototyping phase took several months, with constant feedback and adjustments based on prototype testing and operational feasibility. After finalising the design, the first ten installations were completed, and they now stand as beacons of the modern retail approach that Kolporter is embracing.

Recognising the vital role of staff, ergonomic considerations were woven into the backwall’s core structure. The result was a shelf design that was not only visually impressive but also easier to maintain and fluid for on-the-fly planogram adjustments.

Key learnings: universal retail wisdom

This case serves as a compelling study in successful retail innovation. Kolporter’s initiative underscored the importance of proactive adaptation – of technology, design, and strategy – to remain competitive in an industry where change is a constant.

What we learned from this example applies to the whole retail sector – putting customers first in your ideas and changes must not be just something you say; it needs to be a real and important part of how your business transforms. Forward-thinking retailers need to be flexible, embrace latest technologies, and be ready to truly rethink and re-imagine every aspect of the consumer experience.

Conclusion: a call to dynamic retail adaptation

The new tobacco backwal became a focal point in the Kolporter POP

Kolporter’s seamless transition to a dynamic, modular tobacco backwall system is an inspiration for industry peers. It exemplifies the blend of aesthetic and pragmatic design, and the efficiency of such an integration in boosting sales and customer satisfaction. For retailers charting their course in an ever-evolving market, the Kolporter case study stands as a vivid prompt: the path to success is paved by the willingness to innovate boldly and strategically, in tune with the pulse of consumer expectations and retail technology.

The results – the sales driving tobacco backwall

A modern modular tobacco backwall from Perfecta

The new tobacco POS displays at Kolporter locations are now in full swing, showcasing the success of the revamped design:

  • The new tobacco backwall has received positive feedback from customers and has become a focal point within the retail environment.
  • The well-organised and navigable layout has led to increasedvisibility and engagement with the tobacco product category, translating into improved sales.
  • The digital signage has been a game-changer, providing valuable information to customers and creating a dynamic selling space that draws attention and educates.
  • The modular shelving allows for easy reconfiguration, supporting seasonal and promotional changes without disruptions to the in-store experience.
  • Standardising the display across all brands has created a uniform, professional look that enhances brand equity and instils confidence in customers.
  • Staff are finding that the new systems are easier to maintain, with the ability to quickly re-stock and keep tobacco displays looking fresh with less effort.

From conceptualisation to installation and beyond, the collaboration between Kolporter and Perfecta’s retail design team has been a resounding success, offering a template for innovative and cohesive tobacco product retailing that resonates with consumers and brands alike. As the new tobacco POS displays continue to deliver impressive results, Kolporter remains committed to continuously enhancing their offer and providing customers with exceptional experiences. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Kolporter in the future!

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