Key values

Time saving

Time saved while restocking shelves

Enhanced product display

Perfect looking exhibition of products

Easy Installation

Easy installation and rearrangement of products on the shelf

Time saver

How can the staff keep up with restocking and front-facing? They don’t need to.

It’s done automatically by a shelf push system that moves the product to the front of the shelf without manual help from the staff. That way the shelves look always full and well-organized.

Any solution that saves precious working time of the staff is priceless. While the automatic system pushes the products to the front of the shelf, the shop personnel can assist the customer. They don’t waste any more time on manual ordering.

how to use retail display

What else Shelf Pushers do?

Increased sales

The better you see it, the more chances you’ll buy it. Haven’t you lost enough money on unsuccessful purchases due to an invisible product left at the back of the shelf? Check YouTube channel for more inspirations.

Ease of products display

It’s so easy to install that the staff will do it in no time. The shelf pusher system is attached to a universal lath that is adhesible to the front of the shelf. Later on, if you want to rearrange the products on the shelf, just move the shelf pushers and dividers around. That’s how you can also regulate the width of the pushers that fit the product size.

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ECO Shelf Pusher

Pushers can also be eco-friendly. No matter how small the pro-ecological change is, its impact will sum up with other planet-friendly solutions. We created an "eco" version of pushers where we reduced plastic use by 30%. That's how we make our products more sustainable and cheaper at the same time. We understand how important it is for the brand to share the same values with their customers.

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