Key values

Orderly layout

Of newspapers and magazines.

More covers

on a smaller space.

Visible titles

from a distance.

newspaper rack

Newspaper organization

Much too often newspaper organization in a shop is underestimated. If your customer can’t find the title he wants, he’ll feel frustrated and leave. If he does not find a rich range of titles, he won’t come in the first place. We designed a rack that can hold more titles than a standard newspaper rack using up the same amount of space. Organize those flashy covers once and for all.

Newspaper rack which shows every brand.

Solid construction

Imagine that several people reach out for a paper on the rack at once. In this case you must ensure the rack won’t tilt even a centimeter. We provide a solid construction made up of aluminum and CDF that will endure a crowd of teenagers elbowing their way to their favorite magazine. The metal base has a height regulation. Its compact size will save you space in the store.

newspaper rack

Out of sight, out of mind?

We can’t let that happen when it comes to your papers. We chose a specific angle for the shelves so all the titles are visible. Dividers prevent the magazines from blending in all together.

Nonstandard size

Nonstandard size newspapers will find their perfect spot at the base of the rack.

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