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The challenge

The challenge for the staff appears when heavy goods like big bottles or cans need to be front-faced and organized. No automatic system is efficient enough to do that for them. However, a manual shelf facer makes a big difference when in regard to facilitating and speeding up the task. And helping out the staff with their work will bring a smile to their faces. Consequently the positive mood will influence the end customer as well.

shelf facers


Faster shelf restocking.

Product display

Increased sales thanks to a more efficient product display.


Easy installation and service.

Time Saving Advantage

The number one advantage regarding shelf pushers is the time-saving factor. It’s much faster to restock and keep the shelf neat and organized with the help of this system. The saved time by the staff can be used elsewhere in the shop, like handling payments or serving customers. Shelf facer is a help in organizing products.

shelf organizer

Increased Sales

Enhanced product visibility facilitates the shopper’s purchase decision. Some customers will ask the staff for a prodcut they can’t see on the shelf. Yet, some will just grab another one that is more visible, hence more accessible at the moment. Be sure not to miss out on the consumer’s decision process just because your product got stuck at the back of the shelf.

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Reliable shelving systems are what every manager dreams of. They want their retail display to look good and work well. Thanks to the simple shelf facer construction that lacks mechanical parts, the chances it gets broken are close to none.

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