Pursuit of our dreams and achieving our goals.

Energy – this is what we care for in the team.

Ready for development? Yes, we always are.

Formulating and expressing our thoughts and ideas openly.

Elasticity matters!

Constantly changing.

To cooperate or not to cooperate? Cooperate, for sure!

Asolutely everybody has the right to speak.

We release energy

We know that the “all work no play” attitude doesn’t work. For this reason, we provide our team with the access to the MultiSport benefit system and build sports communities. We take part in the Tropiciel event, organize bicycle races or check ourselves in Runmageddon.

Constantly developing

Are you dreaming about a training which will make it possible for you to develop? Would you like to discover latest trends in your job? Have you got an idea for a new project? Tell your boss about it – they’ll for sure listen to you and try to help.

We are never bored

Have you ever thought: “I don’t have this something which I need so much, but I don’t know what it is exactly”? This is what we do for our clients. Work at Perfecta has nothing in common with boredom.


We are all different – some of us love Italian cuisine, others sport, cats, travelling, off-road vehicles… We like different, often opposite things and… we like working together. Good cooperation is very important for us as each product results from joint effort of the team and the quality of the final product and client’s satisfaction depend on the level of cooperation. Check our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for some more details or comeback to ‘About us‘ section if you would like to learn more about Perfecta.

Who is right?

In our company, there is a rule that the boss is always right. Or when there’s his wife somewhere near – then she is right. Or if you can infect the entire team with your innovative idea – then you are right!


We love coffee, so we’ve created a special coffee zone in our company. Here you can drink good coffee with excellent taste and aroma to get your power back on Monday morning or any other day.

KISS i PIWO (PL: beer)

Our creativity is not only our working tool – we like to have fun. So we changed the Department of Prototyping and Implementation into PiWo (PL: beer) and the department of Creation and Sales to the niche KiSs band. We play with words and appreciate the sense of humour – discover it yourself!

Dj von Perfect

Do you like listening to good music and sharing it? We’ve organized a special place from which you can turn on your own playlist for the entire company to feel its rhythm. Show us what’s deep there in your soul!

Feel the atmosphere of Perfecta Retail Furniture

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Recruitment process

In our company, the recruitment process is divided into legible and precise stages. Their number depends on the post for which you are applying.

Work at Perfecta!

How does the recruitment process in Perfecta Retail look like?

First meeting consists in discussing mutual expectations. We are not the only party to ask questions here. You would like to join our team, so for sure you also have a few things to discuss.

Within the next stage we can ask you to perform a certain task for us, which aims at verifying your skills.

During the last recruitment meeting we talk about various aspects of the position itself. We agree on more or less formal subjects. We talk about our values and the way in which we work. If you still want to be the co-creator of Perfecta, our common story begins!

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