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Stop by and smell the coffee!

We’ll help you attract customers to your store by serving them a hot beverage. With Perfecta Retail Furniture you’ll organize a coffee station quickly and easily. A hot coffee or tea will turn a regular shopping experience into an enjoyable tour around your shop.

Key values


Water-resistant materials


Steel construction extends product life


Expand Coffee Station with cross-selling accessories

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Why us?


Spills, slops, splashes of coffee are not a problem for the Coffee Point counters made of water-resistant materials. We know how serving hot beverages can get messy, so we build the foodservice furniture with elements that can endure liquids daily.


Catering furniture in shops, gas stations, or hotels needs to cater to hundreds of customers daily. Therefore, the Perfecta coffee station cabinets have a steel structure that will last for years. Buy once, use it endlessly.


Who wouldn't like to grab a sweet roll with a fresh black brew? Don't limit your customers. Don't limit your Coffee Point to just one base unit. Enlarge it with additional shelves, cabinets, and displays to drive impulse sales in your shop. Choose form a variety of modules with different functionalities to create a unique catering area for your customers.


Imagine preparing a cup of hot coffee at an unknown coffee point in a flash. How did you know where to find the cup and sugar? The truth is that our in-house coffee station designers helped you out. They have planned out all the cross-selling accessories, shelves, and dispensers to make helping yourself to a coffee easy and convenient. The smartly designed ergonomics of the Coffee Point guides the customer through the beverage serving.


Making sure that each customer has a clean catering area around them is a top priority for us. We used water-resistant and easy-to-clean materials to keep the whole coffee point system tidy and hygienic.


Cleaning up the coffee station has never been so fast. The clever organization of accessories and modules speeds up the maintenance tasks. Refilling the cup dispenser of taking out the trash is quick and effortless.

Coffee point system
in your store

Why is a coffee station a must-have in your store or business ?

  • it creates a welcoming atmosphere
  • it develops a positive brand image
  • it improves customer loyalty
  • it enriches the sales offer
  • it increases sales in your store

There’s no time to lose. Outrun your competition and make your business a must-visit on your customer’s calendar.

How to use coffee corner in your store

Coffee Point System in numbers


of your clients have a coffee away from home


of your clients grab a coffee away from home every day


of the respondents get a coffee at the gas station

*based on Polish market research

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Configuration possibilities

coffee point
coffee point
coffee point
coffee corner
coffee fixtures
coffee furniture
Coffee corner
store furniture
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store furniture Perfecta
Coffee Point Perfecta
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Coffee Point Petrol station
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Coffee Point System personalization

Style is important

We’re aware of the fact that each store has its style. Additionally, the space requirements for a catering area greatly vary whether you set up the coffee station in a convenience store, hotel lobby, or gas station chain. That’s why you can configure the coffee point system according to the space you have, the equipment you use, and the functionalities you need.

Cabinet size

The base cabinet is of standard size to fit perfectly with the most popular coffee machines available on the market. Yet, if you choose a non-standard one we’ll adjust the cabinet size and make installation holes in the counter accordingly.

Brand surrounding

Once you pick the best place for your coffee station cabinet, it’s time to talk about style. The Coffee Point system will easily blend into your store decor thanks to a wide color offer of the cabinets. The coffee station is like a chameleon that adapts to your brand surrounding.

How can we help you?

Here is how we create a fully-functional coffee station for you:

  1. We adjust the size and enhance functionalities to the chosen coffee machine
  2. We pick the colors and finishes that suit your interior
  3. We smartly arrange the coffee point keeping in mind the ergonomics that facilitates and secures self-service of hot beverages
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Cross selling

It’s all about the fresh brew and the cross-selling that comes with it. We’re here to help you make the most of the self-service beverage station in your store. A smartly designed catering area enlarged by add-on showcases and shelves will increase sales of related goods like sweets, baked goods, or coffee beans. Besides, the customer will prolong their visit and wander around your shop picking up other goods with a perfect blend in hand. The cabinet also facilitates displaying products of various sizes. Its structure allows for easy and fast shelf mounting. Thus, you can add more shelves, change their heights and place, or dismantle them for a larger products display.

Coffee is just the beginning

How to turn coffee drinking into a customer ritual in your store? To improve the customer’s shopping experience, offer extra pleasures of the palate. Add modules to the base unit to enlarge the sales area. in this way, tasty snacks, a variety of teas, and freshly squeezed juices will find their place within reach of the customer. It’s all about making the shopping experience much more pleasurable and tasty.

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