Retail Displays

There is a story behind each product – even if it is a bottle of ketchup. We design retail furniture in a way that tells the story of your brand. The visual narration we create makes your products stand out from your competition. Our dispensers, displays, and backwalls have one goal – to promote your brand. Imagine your potential client walks into the store and sees your brand immediately. How did that happen?

We made your brand visible over others thanks to a unique design. We work to make your brand attractive to the customer at the point of sales.

retail displays

Boom Box

Do you lack display space in your store? We feel you. We know how to carve out extra space from thin air. Our compact, round-edged Boom Box, an on-the-counter display, will fit perfectly in the smallest spaces. Just like a Boom Box, it's handy and attracts attention with its original look. Smartly distributed illumination and appealing graphic elements will attract the most distracted eye. The shop assistant will want to have the display close to the checkout, a prime location for your brand, thanks to a built-in USB port where they will charge their phones.
retail displays

Ploom Display

Eco is not just a fancy word anymore. It's a value that your customer believes in. And we help your brand share this value with the customer. That's why we created the Ploom Box, a counter display that cuts down on plastic and uses more ecological materials instead. We boost your brand communication at the point of sales with this compact display.
retail displays

Cash Zone Display

Usually smokers make purchase decisions based on two basic elements: the brand and the price. That's why our checkout tobacco display highlights both of them. Locate this display on the counter so the buyer sees clearly what he can purchase.
retail displays

RedBull Display

Soft drinks are another customer attention-grabber. We created a modular checkout display that connects a small fridge with racks and hooks for pouche packs. Let your customer get interested in your product while grabbing a chilled soft drink.

Personalized solutions

Have a look at how we make different brands stand out. Check with us if you need a customized design.
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