Go Green

As Perfecta, we make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint everyday.

One of the pillars of the company’s strategy is the GoGreen Policy.

GoGreen roadmap


zero post-production and post-use materials to landfill


10% more of recycled material (base 2021)


more than 50% of weight of each package material are recycled material


increasing environmental awareness of employee (task list 0/1)


effective reduction of energy consumption (CO2 emission)


Our products and their impact on the environment are just one of the many aspects of sustainability at Perfecta. We understand that our every action, however small, has an impact on the world around us. Watch the video to see how we are changing ourselves to protect our environment. Ecology is an important signpost in the current climate situation.

Eco Star System

The Eco Star System is our internal index by which we evaluate the environmental impact of Perfecta products. We assess the entire chain – from the origin of the materials used in production, to the type of packaging, to how long our products will last in their final destination.

The index value for each product is determined based on 8 criteria shown in the table below. Each of these criteria is rated using stars (from 1 to 5). This simple system enables customers to compare our products easily, making it easier to choose the one that best meets their needs, also in terms of the impact it has on the environment.

go green
go green Perfecta


The Eco Pass is a certificate issued for each product, providing additional information on energy consumption in work and stand-by modes. With the Eco Pass, the customers gain full knowledge of the environmental impact of the product they are buying.

Get familiar with Go Green policy and please contact us in case of any questions.