What we do,
and how we do it?

For us, designing and manufacturing
retail shop fittings is a process.

Discover what we do to provide you
with the best store furniture, tobacco fixtures
and POS materials that effectively display
and promote your products.

Quality from start
to the end

Store fixtures manufacturer Perfecta. We create sales shelves, POS materials, merchandising solutions and much more. It’s our top value that is reflected in every piece of store furniture we create.

Top quality is a rule, not an exception in Perfecta Retail Furniture. Our creation process is guided by a set of rules starting from the concept phase to end product packaging. These processes not only keep our clients and workers safe but also guarantee replicable high-quality production. This means that every customer gets the same standards. We create systems that bring to your store the best solutions.

How do we work in Perfecta

Customer needs research

We put a lot of effort into recognizing your needs. It is our priority as store fixtures manufacturer. Our experienced visual merchandising specialists will draft a product brief that underpins the whole creation process. If your needs meet our standard merchandising solutions, we’ll show you step by step how they work.

If our portfolio lacks a solution that fulfills your requirements, we’ll create a custom design just for you.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions, always – another top value at Perfecta Retail Furniture

3D Modelling

Our team of designers and engineers use a range of viusalizations that enhance production and satisfy the eyes of the most demanding customer. We’ll show you a 3D visualization of your product first to make sure you decide on the best solution for your store before purchase. Store fixtures manufacturer also in digital!

You would like to see how the product fits your shop space, wouldn’t you? No problem, we enabled the AR product display for you. All you need to do is use your phone in the store and place a virtual representation of the chosen rack system or tobacco dispenser where it seems to fit the best. Apart from choosing the best location for the shop fixture, you’ll have lots of fun.”

R&D Prototyping

So you are the lucky client who ordered a custom design? You might be wondering how we ensure quality standards in an item we have not produced before. This is where our prototyping process comes into action. Discover how it works:

  • we create a prototype with dedicated functionalities
  • we make sure that the prototype serves its functions
  • we verify the materials and the pricing
  • we test the product before manufacturing


We keep an eye on your product all the time. This is what the Perfecta manufacturing process involves:

  • we supervise the whole manufacturing process to guarantee top quality
  • we keep detailed records from the very beginning to the end
  • we verify each piece of information gathered during the whole process investigating the first released product
  • we manage our CNC machine park digitally to guarantee replicable production

Check our YouTube channel for more details.

Quality control

Quality from start to end has become a part of our company culture. That’s why we established several means to maintain top quality products:

  • quality control department audits the creation, prototyping, and manufacturing processes
  • we use specially designed test tools to check product quality and reliability
  • as store fixtures manufacturer, we perform all tasks following ISO 9001:2015 best practice


Our products and their impact on the environment are just one of the many aspects of sustainability at Perfecta. We understand that every our action, however small, has an impact on the world around us. Each year we make the whole process more sustainable by using recycled materials, extending product life, or generating less production waste. Learn more about our GoGreen policy. Every store fixtures manufacturer is reposnsible for used materials inside company.

Go Green


We deliver neatly designed end-products in the same condition as they left our manufacturing plant. They need to arrive safe and sound to our customers, so the packaging process is of key importance to us. We don’t waste materials because we aim to decrease the environmental impact of our business. Don’t be surprised to find recycled materials that make up our packaging!


Store fixtures manufacturer Perfecta ensures the highest quality at every stage of the process.

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