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Sales Strategy System – Get familiar with Perfecta Products

We have a Strategy to increase your Sales by creating retail shelving Systems.

We are a store shelving supplier that is constantly inventing new designs of retail furniture to enlarge the sales area and attract the customer’s attention to your products. The modularity of our store fittings makes them adaptable to particular needs of each store and brand. No space limitation or law regulation will hide your brand on our shelves. We make it stand out. Invest in retail furniture that sells your brand. Get systems of fitted retail displays that attract customers. Perfecta products are great solutions for every business which needs effective selling. Check also our YouTube channel to get to know Perfecta in better way.

Perfecta products are manufactured with attention to detail, using materials of the highest quality and based on best selling practices. Our offer also includes customised store furniture, which we create in our CNC machine park. Visit the ‘What we do‘ page for details.

Discover our shop fixture systems:

Store Shelving Systems

What elements make up a store fitting system? Backwalls, cabinets, shelving systems, racks, dispensers, counters, showcases… you name it, we’ll design it. We deliver to your store a system that fits your space and matches your store decor. We produce them out of durable modules that you can rearrange anytime.

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Cigarette Dispensers

There’s a lot going on in the checkout zone. Yet, each customer knows that this is the place to get cigarettes. Our cigarette dispensers adapt to the checkout arrangement of diverse stores and diverse law restrictions. They help the staff sell tobacco easily and quickly. The cigarette cabinet is so capacious that it rarely requires restocking. Additionally, the unique opening and closing systems allow the personnel to operate it with one hand only. We value the shop assistants’ time and work just as much as you do. Let’s help them work faster and more efficiently.

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Coffee Stations

Brand and store owners are constantly competing for the customer’s loyalty. We all would like them to spend more time in our shop discovering our brand. How to keep them wandering around the store? Offer them delicious coffee on the spot. Our Coffee Point System is a retail coffee station created for this purpose that can be easily installed in shops, gas stations, and hotels. As furniture earmarked for the foodservie industry we built it with durable, water-resistant materials. Once again, we offer you a system of modules that you can arrange freely in your store according to your needs. Discover more about the Coffee Point Sysytem

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Retail Displays

Soft drinks, cosmetics, snacks – whatever you produce, we’re sure you want it to be visible at the point of sales in a restaurant, hotel or club. We increase your brand’s visibility with smartly designed posm displays. We customize each solution to present your products effectively. Each merchandising solution is created to show and sell the goods. We won’t let your customer walk pass your brand indifferently.

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Shop Furniture Accessories

Don’t let your product turn away from the customer ever again! With just a few shelf management accessories your brand will face the customer with order and ease.

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Increase your sales

We devote a great deal of attention to ensuring that our products meet the expectations and objectives set for them. We put a lot of commitment, knowledge, experience and passion into the store furniture we supply. Perfecta products are the ideal solution for shops, petrol stations or other businesses where effective and efficient selling is paramount. We create tobacco dispensers, merchandising solutions, POS materials, sales shelves and much more. Customised, fully personalised solutions are offered for companies that need more tailor-made sales furniture to transform their strategy in reaching customers.

Take the first step and contact one of our sallers for a consultation with the most optimal solution for your business.

Customized solutions with Perfecta products

Pick a merchandising solution form our portfolio. Ask for a standard offer. Send us your dream project. Customized solutions are challenges we happily take up.
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