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Cigarette dispenser for every type of business. Tobacco sales are still one of the most profitable businesses after transportation and real estate. That’s why selling tobacco products in your store will make your balance sheet look good. If you lack display space, we bring you a compact on-the-counter cigarette dispenser designated for the checkout zone. Though it’s RDB ready, it still works to promote your brand in the store all the time.

Key values

Compact size

Compact size facilitates installation.


Ergonomic pull-out shelf system optimizes the staff's work.

Prompt service

RDB flaps speed up the service.

One simple solution

One simple solution can give so many benefits. We’re talking of the Perfecta flap system. First of all, flaps hide the product from constant display to comply with the RDB laws. At the same time, they prevent thefts. While they are closed, they serve as a noticeable marketing space for your brand thanks to the exchangeable posters. These solutions work perfectly in the checkout zone where the cashier is engaged with other activities.

Retail Display Ban

The Retail Display Ban regards the cigarettes, not the brand. On the one hand, the MINI tobacco dispenser is ready to comply wit these regulations. On the other hand, it is designed to promote your brand. We designed transparent flaps that can be adapted to an RDB market by equipping them with posters . If you’re operating on an RDB free market, you can let the packs be visible by removing the marketing posters. One solution for two types of markets.Get ready for the law changes in your country with our compact dispenser.

More details are available here.

Pull-out shelves

The shop assistants will love the pull-out shelves that help them restock and count the packs easily. We equipped the shelves with pushers to keep visible order in the dispenser. More smart solutions used in the MINI retail display mean less work for the staff.

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