Shelf Divider

Organizers, separators, dividers…the retail furniture industry has gone crazy regarding shelf organization. And it’s not only about the neat look of the shelf, but most of all the store management advantages it brings along. The Perfecta divider shelf system is a comprehensive solution enhancing retail display. It includes a mounting strip, dividers, casettes, and pushers. All these elements work together to make the merchandise look good and sell better. Shelf dividers help you to sell more effectively by using store shelves in your business.

Key values

Shelf leads

Well-organized shelf leads to greater sales.


Help the customer find what he is looking for through efficient shelf organization.


Shelf divider help with restocking and inventory.

Acrylic dividers

Order on the shelf is brought by acrylic dividers. You connect them with the mounting strip with a click so it is easy to relocate them later. You can adapt them to the product’s width anytime with another “click”.

Acrylic casettes

Acrylic casettes are used to display unusual products like ….. They facilitate pusher installation in case of nonstandard products like small cigarette packs or nail polish bottles. Shelf dividers are great for separating the different brands, making it easier for the customer to find their favourite or learn about new ones.

How does it work?

All the magic goes to the unique design of the mounting strip. Stick the mounting strip to the edge of the shelf right behind the price strip. Attach pushers, dividers, cassettes to the strip with just one click. Move the elements sideways according to your needs. What’s more, we left some space in front for special communication, e.g. when you have a promotion of a particular product. Just slide in a small, handy poster there, so the client knows which product has a better offer. Small but smart solutions make a big difference in shelf management.

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