Optimal use of sales space

We know you can’t afford to waste any centimeter of the checkout area any longer. That’s why the compact size of this cigarette dispenser is our top priority. At the same time, it can hold a substantial number of product packs.

Depending on the configuration, COMPACT cigarette shelves can hold more than 800 packs.

COMPACT's key benefits

Time saver

All shelves of the COMPACT cigarette dispenser are extendable for fast and easy handling.


The dispenser is equipped with adjustable dividers that make it easy to keep products tidy and organised.


The fronts of the shelves equipped with price tags and communication elements can be illuminated to boost brand exposure.

The flaps system


Every time you remove a product from the shelf, you can close the dispenser smoothly because of the innovative flap closing system. We installed a key lock to protect your tobacco merchandise against theft.



As you handle the flap system manually, it is very reliable. The lack of mechanical solutions in the system prevents any operation failures.



The dispenser’s flaps are opened effortlessly with one hand. The flaps can be opened in sync or divided into sections.

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Tobacco Display Ban

We know the legal restrictions connected with the sales of tobacco inside out. That is why our COMPACT tobacco dispenser units are equipped with flaps that comply with legal requirements in some EU countries. They are also ready for the oncoming changes in the law in your country. Learn how to deal with Tobacco Display Ban on our website dedicated to RDB:
Tobacco Display Ban

Marketing advantage

Use the checkout area to your marketing advantage. The COMPACT tobacco dispenser offers comprehensive marketing solutions to run advertisement campaigns successfully.

Exchangeable graphics

We give you extra space for placing your brand communication. The sides, the back, and the flap front of the dispenser are fitted with frames where you can slide in and out your brand posters.

Digital Signage

Why don’t you show a video ad in the most visible part of the dispenser? Just play it on the screen installed in the most eye-catching part of the dispenser above the checkout area.


We know everything about impulse buying. That’s why we designed the sides of the dispenser in a way that increases sales and product promotion.

Augmented reality

Enter the world of augmented reality and see what the Compact cigarette dispenser will look like in your shop.

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