Key values

Compact size

Compact size allows for quick installation.


Ergonomic pull-out shelf system facilitates service.


RDB flaps speed up the service.

tobacoo dispenser

About NANO

Discreetly handy cigarette dispenser

How about installing one on the floor next to the cashier? To grab a cigarette pack, just reach out your hand. While designing the NANO tobacco cash zone floor dispenser we’ve worked on every detail to make it as convenient as possible for the staff and even more attractive for the customer.

Space efficient

We understand that the cash zone is a tight space. Therefore, the NANO cigarette floor dispenser is limited to a compact size that fits that location perfectly. We value store space as much as you do.

NANO cigarette dispenser fits into any space.
tobacco dispenser

Meticulously deisgned

We did our best to design a handy and easy-to-operate dispenser. After many operational tests, we got a dispenser that you can handle with your eyes closed. We located the shelves at an angle that facilitates access to all the packs from top to bottom. The pull-out racks make restocking fast and effortless. The pusher system takes care of front-facing for the staff. Let the cashier count the money, not the packs in the dispenser.

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Display Ban

We take every point from the Retail Display Ban seriously. The poster located in the flap system will cover the cigarette packs when required. If you sell tobacco products on a market that is RDB free, it’s good to think about the future. The law might change soon. Better stay safe than sorry. That’s why our flap system is transparent and can be adapted to an RDB market with a poster when the law restrictions change in the country.

Storage space

It may be difficult to leave the cash zone for the staff just to fetch some additional packs of cigarettes. They have better things to do at the checkout zone, like handling payments or dealing with the customer. When the last pack of tobacco on the shelf is sold, all they need to do is open up the secret storage locker at the bottom and restock the shelf right away.

RDB Rules

Does the staff need to leave the cash zone for a break? While they’re gone, the merchandise stays safe as we equipped the dispenser with a lock. We make each dispenser in compliance with RDB rules, so the packs are hidden behind a smart flap system that shows them to the client only upon sales.

Marketing space

Let’s not waste any marketing space, so put up a poster on the flaps to communicate you’re brand even when the cigarettes are invisible.

We encourage you to check the Act in Poland and our blog post.

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tobacoo dispenser
tobacco dispenser
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