Key values


Glass doors or flaps prevent theft.


Illumination and marketing accessories ensure brand visibility and promotion.


Product organization enhances quick sales thanks to retail displays.

retail displays

About retail displays

Some products deserve a special place in the showcase. They are either premium line goods or those under legal restrictions of the market like alcohol or tobacco. It’s more convenient to present them in a freestanding retail display that you can freely locate in the store. We equipped them with lightning and marketing accessories that guarantee effective brand communication. Its compact size makes it a fit everywhere display.

store furniture display


No arrangement fits all products. Bearing that in mind, we bet on modularity that allows you to arrange the drawers and shelves as you find best for your brand. Moving the illuminated accessories around the reatail display is possible thanks to magnetic power connectors that enable changing shelf location freely.


To facilitate your marketing communication strategy in the store, we equipped the display with a variety of communication possibilities. The LCD screen will captivate your consumer with colors and lights. The staff will love the remote management option. Exchangeable posters and illuminated graphic elements convey more marketing ideas than a thousand words. Retail displays help with clear and visible communication with customer.


We know how premium product safety is important to the store manager. Nobody wants to pay for missing products and retail display gives you peace in mind. To let the staff concentrate on selling instead of protecting the products, we installed a remotely operated lock in the door of the showcase. We made restocking faster too as extra stock is kept in locked drawers underneath the products. These solutions help to optimise the work of the shop staff.


Do you know how important thoughtful lighting of your products is? Making the light too bright or too dim might turn your customer off. We take product lighting as seriously as lighting a key monument in the city and bringing out its best features to the crowd. This is probably the biggest advantage of retail displays.


We don’t want your product to miss any sales opportunity, especially on retail display. There is no product on the shelf? Just open the drawer and restock it quickly. Nobody can see the product in the back of the rack? The shelf pushers will lead the way to the shelf front and keep it visible to the customer. The showcase is locked? Open it remotely to let your customers experience the product anytime they need it. We know all the tricks to keep your product accessible and visible even when the staff store is not there.

Technical specification

Technical specifications of the freestanding retail display

  • the standard width is 490mm
  • its height is adaptable to the particular product exhibition
  • mountable on the floor or counter

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