Key values

Disruptive design

rounded and RGB illuminated frame

RDB ready

grow your sales in line with the law

Time saving

Organized and fast sales process.

Tobacco sales under RBD

The REVO cigarette backwall is on a mission to sell more, faster, and successfully – even while operating under RDB (tobacco retail display restrictions).

This tobacco display unit organizes sales thanks to a few simple, but efficient features.

It enhances the payment area with sleek backwall design and RGB illuminated frame.

REVO uses a wide range of marketing accessories to navigate the customer, communicate the brand, and promote the products on the shelf.

Watch this video to discover more about REVO tobacco displays from Perfecta.

The Flap System

RDB compliance

Keep the cigarette stock out of sight if your local law restricts tobacco display


Open the flaps with just one effortless hand movement.

The flaps can open up all at the same time or by sections.

Closing the flaps is even easier.


Keep your products safe thanks to the central lock.

Safety as a Standard.


Well tested in lab and on the market. Low failure rate.

How REVO benefits your sales

Fast and effective service

You can pull out all cigarette shelves to stock them up easily and handle them fast.

Sales organization

The pusher system guarantees order and tidiness in the product presentation.

Greater shelf capacity

Regulate the width of the dividers to place the product front or sideways (for more SKU on the same shelf width).

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Tobacco Display Ban

We know the legal restrictions connected with the sales of tobacco inside out. That is why our REVO tobacco backwall solutions are equipped with flaps that comply with legal requirements in some EU countries. They are also ready for the oncoming changes in the law in your country. Learn how to deal with Tobacco Display Ban on a specially prepared for you website:


We equipped the ReVo tobacco display with advanced marketing solutions. That way you can take advantage of the strategic location in the shop just behind the sales assistant for effective ad campaigns.


Exchangeable graphics

Exchange the ads on the front of the flap system as often as you need to. The flap system is equipped with frames that allow you for swift and easy change of promotion materials.

Product illumination

Illuminate your products to promote your brand.

furniture for tobacco for petrol station

This is one of the most eye-catching retail marketing solutions in the REVO tobacco gantry. You can fit it into the display instead of a shelf, on the shelf, or as a separate display unit. The promozone aims to highlight the product or the brands among others. Additionally, the promozone has a LED illuminated frame, extra space for communication, and product illumination.

cigarette furniture
Promotional toper

Visible brands sell better, so we equipped the toper with extra graphic elements, illumination, and more product exposure. Fitted at the top of the display as an accessory makes your brand visible from far.

cigarette fixtures for store

Examples of projects

Augmented Reality

Enter the world of augmented reality and see what the REVO display will look like in your shop. Just scan the QR code with your phone.

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