Key values


Change the location anytime.


Organize your space cost efficiently.


Bring in additional revenue through extra marketing and sales space.

over-pallet shelving

Sales and marketing opportunities

Pallet displays entail many store management benefits. They facilitate stocking up the store and speed up the display exchange. However, they lack communication space or convenient places to exhibit price tags or marketing communication. So we looked above them and found excellent marketing and sales opportunities. Why don’t you use that space to display complementary products like cornflakes stacked above a milk pallet? Inform the customer about promotions and prices by using the space above the product efficiently. Check our YouTube channel for more films.

Over-pallet shelving gives more space.
over-pallet furniture


Equip your store with the Perfecta over-pallet shelving if you need:

  • extra sales space
  • easy installation
  • mobile display with rearrangement opportunities

Reach out to our sales team, we’d be happy to discuss how to integrate over-pallet shelving on your sales floor.

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When you want to buy sausages for a barbecue, you’ll find the sauce right next to it. That’s how cross-selling works. The store exhibits complementary products near each other. As retail furntiture designers, we use this well-known sales technique to help you sell more and faster. We like to get visual with the customer and show them what else they can buy in your store. The over-pallet shelving is the best solution for selling related goods. Don’t limit yourself. The sides of the pallet shelving are also an ideal place for more shelves with brand exposure potential.


Marketing campaigns and fluctuating prices are a constant in stores. We know that change is an inevitable quality of store management. That’s why we made our over-pallet shelves mobile. A set of wheels allows you to change their location anywhere, anytime. Move the marketing communication there where it is most wanted at the moment. Next, block the wheels with a lock that make the racks stay put.

Additional marketing space

Apart from additional sales space, you gain more marketing space. We equipped the shelves with communication holders to exchange posters easily when a new promotional campaign is about to get launched.

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