Augmented reality in merchandising – benefits and opportunities for use.

We are living in interesting times. However, we do not mean the ‘interesting times’ from the old Chinese curse, but the positive changes we can observe around us. We are living in interesting times because technology is changing everything. It changes the things that we are used to and makes it easier to do thing that we didn’t think could be made easier. And now, thanks to augmented reality, we can see even more.

The AR technology – augmented reality. How it works and where will we encounter it.

AR technology, i.e., Augmented Reality. In short, it involves combining the real world with information or virtual objects, creating something that was the domain of fantasy films until a few decades ago. Initially treated as a gadget, a toy best suited to games such as Pokemon GO, AR was quickly recognised by various industries, making its way into manufacturing, tourism, or entertainment. In our opinion, the retail industry can also benefit from it.

Different forms of AR applications we may encounter.

Augmented reality
Location and navigation
Augmented reality
Computer games
Augmented reality in sale
Navigating the warehouse
Augmented reality in sale
Arrangement of rooms
AR in sale
Repair and maintenance of equipment
AR in sale
Learning and expanding knowledge

AR in retail, can it help at work and speed up the creation process?

Perfecta wouldn’t be itself if it didn’t try to find an application of augmented reality for its purposes. We quickly added two and two together and decided that AR would be perfect for designing the layout of POS materials placed in the shop.

We used the VECTARY application to which we upload our products. This allows the salesperson to easily select an interesting product from our website and test it in the shop space. The advantage of this app is that you don’t need any other software to do it, all you need is a phone or tablet and an internet connection.

Such an object placed in the store can be:

  • moved freely and the application will adjust its size according to the perspective of the room,
  • zoomed in and out, or locked to always display the product 1:1,
  • turned, twisted, and have the angles changed,
  • looked at from all sides, approached, looked inside,
  • photographed or filmed in a particular setting.

These possibilities alone show how useful this tool is in merchandising to speed up work.

Here are some products that have an AR button allowing them to be viewed in augmented reality. You can try to place the product in your own environment and play with it.

This use of AR technology is proving to be a revolution for salespeople, giving them a powerful tool to work with retail owners. It also makes it easier for fitters who know exactly what to install, where and how. Augmented reality saves time, money, and nerves, because with a single image it achieves what used to require a lot of words.

See for yourself how easy it is, and on the other hand, what benefits this freedom in shop layout brings.

We believe… no, we know that AR (augmented reality) technology is the future of POS materials, and we’re just discovering all its applications to make it even better for our customers.

Either way – the future is already here, and Perfecta opens the door wide for it, saying “Make yourself comfortable, you’ll be fine here”.

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