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Some time ago, we told you about one of our greatest successes – the beginning of cooperation with Dino, one of Poland’s largest retail chains. When buying cigarettes in any of the chain’s stores, take a good look at the over-the-counter dispenser from which an employee pulls packs. This is the Compact – a tobacco dispenser from Perfecta – which is praised for its durability and practicality. Read more about our collaboration with Dino Sp. z o.o. in our blog article: https://perfecta-retail.com/compact-cigarette-tobacco-dispenser-case-study/ 

Not just Poland

But Perfecta operates not only in Poland.
To put it in other words: Poland is only one of the markets on which Perfecta operates.

Our retail furniture and tobacco dispensers can be found in every corner of the world and on every continent. (Well, except Antarctica, but we are working on it). This is all thanks to the fact that our products are not only robust and practical, but also adapted to the specific characteristics of local markets and the legal requirements therein. A good example is the RDB (Retail Display Ban), a restriction on the visibility of tobacco products in retail outlets, which is covering more and more markets.

See our blog post on this topic and find out how we are helping our partners to adapt to changes in the law: https://perfecta-retail.com/retail-display-ban-info/ 

Japan Tobacco International (JTI)

One of our largest transnational partners is the JTI tobacco company, producer of such well-known cigarette brands as Camel, Winston or LD, and a leader in the market for reduced-risk tobacco products. This company is present with its products in 130 markets, and Perfecta accompanies it in most of them! The company uses our retail furniture to sell, store and display tobacco products in accordance with local regulations and requirements. When you get to know our entire line of tobacco racks you will understand why choosing them was an easy decision for the corporation: https://perfecta-retail.com/our-products/store-shelving-systems/ 

It is worth knowing that JTI is a very conscious company when it comes to human rights and environmental protection, placing significant importance on making its entire value chain as sustainable as possible. If you would like to find out more details, please visit https://www.jti.com/about-us/sustainability/were-serious-about-protecting-environment  

In short: JTI is a very demanding customer that does not accept compromise on issues that are key to its business. The company leads by example when it comes to running its operations in such a way as to be as environmentally and planet friendly as possible and demands the same from its partners.

Examples of retail furniture manufactured for JTI

Great minds think alike

To be part of the value chain of a company like JTI, you must meet exacting standards, not only related to environmental protection, but also to the protection of workers’ rights or good governance. We are proud to say that we have passed this test with flying colours, because we share the same way of thinking and place the emphasis on the same things. The example of JTI shows emphatically that responsibility can go hand in hand with success, and this is an added incentive for us!

Caring for the environment and each other is written into Perfecta’s DNA. This approach is called Go Green. It is a set of principles that defines the way we operate and guides on our way towards our goals. Learn about our Go Green policy and see why we can be an equal partner to companies like JTI: https://perfecta-retail.com/perfecta-operates-in-a-sustainable-way/ 

We are starting from the premise that it is not enough just to change the way we communicate and put on a green mask. We are changing not because our customers expect us to – although their example is certainly inspiring. We set and achieve ambitious goals because we know that this is the only way in which we will be fair not only with ourselves and our partners, but also with future generations.

With such an approach, the world is open to us. But it’s not about conquering it – long gone are the days when we wanted to subdue the Earth. Today, we know that the Earth is our only home, and taking care of it makes sense not only from an ethical point of view, but also from a business point of view. Our thinking is changing, and Perfecta is surfing on top of the wave of this change.

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